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Since 2006, Tsuru is an online shop specialised in the sale of high quality items and clothing made in Japan.

You will find in our shop kimonos, yukatas, obis and many other decorative items that will match your Japanese interior. To find the Japanese aestheticism, you can also find bags and fashion accessories which are very popular in Japan.

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Discover a wide range of fans made in Japan

Japanese fans

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Yukata, Hanten, Haori jackets, Happi and Kimono in silk, cotton or polyester. Made in Japan

Japanese Clothing

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Here you will find different kinds of Japanese shoes: zori, geta and jikatabi

Japanese shoes

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Check out our collection of Japanese tabi socks, ideal for wearing geta or zōri.

Japanese socks

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Available in various sizes. Made in Japan

Japanese umbrellas

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Discover our collection of traditional Japanese kimonos and yukatas as well as our accessories of the Japanese culture.

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