Our Japanese shoes and socks

Japan is renowned for its unique cultural heritage and tradition of craftsmanship. Among the many fascinating aspects of Japanese culture are traditional shoes and socks.

Zori are traditional Japanese shoes made of rice straw or fabric, worn with kimonos and formal garments. They are characterized by their flat soles and finely woven uppers. Zori are often decorated with elegant motifs, such as flowers, waves or geometric patterns, reflecting the Japanese aesthetic.

Geta are raised Japanese sandals, with a wooden sole supported by two blocks called "ha". These traditional shoes offer good ventilation and protection against ground humidity. Geta are worn with traditional garments such as yukatas and kimonos, as well as in modern daily life. Geta are generally associated with a distinctive sound produced by the wooden blocks striking the ground. This unique sound is an integral part of the Geta walking experience.

Tabi are traditional Japanese socks with a distinctive compartment for the big toe, separating it from the other toes. They are mainly worn with Zori and Geta socks, providing extra grip and comfort when walking.