Pair of Jikatabi, MARUGO Mannen Nuitsuke, navy blue


Gozo rice straw japanese sandals for women, GOZA 2528, pink, made in Japan

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Data sheet

Color dark blue
Compositions cotton and rubber
Product origin made in China
Colour deep blue
Gender unisex
Size S, M, L, LL
Age group adult


**Traditional Japanese Jika Tabi**

Immerse yourself in the very essence of Japanese culture with our Jika Tabi, traditional shoes that embody the harmony between functionality and aesthetics. Designed to provide exceptional comfort while preserving the authenticity of Japanese design, these versatile shoes are a perfect marriage of tradition and modernity.

**Key Features:**

1. **Split for Versatility:** Jika Tabi features a distinct split design between the big toe and other toes, providing increased flexibility and a barefoot feel. This unique feature promotes natural freedom of movement, ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

2. **Quality materials:** Made from high quality materials, our Jika Tabi combine durability and comfort. The durable sole guarantees optimal grip, while the breathable canvas upper ensures adequate ventilation, even on the most active days.

3. **Authentic Style:** Inspired by Japan's rich heritage, these shoes feature a traditional design revisited to meet contemporary standards. Captivating patterns and colors add an artistic touch, making these Jika Tabi more than just a pair of shoes - a style statement.

4. **Modern Adaptability:** Whether you're a martial arts enthusiast, an urban fashion enthusiast, or simply looking for a new level of comfort, Jika Tabi adapts to your lifestyle. Their distinctive aesthetic makes them perfect for any occasion, from casual everyday to special events.

**Why choose our Jika Tabi:**

  1. - *Unparalleled comfort:* The split design provides unparalleled freedom of movement.
  2. - *Durability:* Made with quality materials, they stand the test of time.
  3. - *Unique Style:* Japanese authenticity meets modernity for a captivating fashion statement.

Experience elegance and practicality with our Japanese Jika Tabi. Rediscover the pleasure of walking in style.


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